About Us

Oasis Cardiff is an organisation that aims to help Refugees and Asylum Seekers to integrate into their local community in Cardiff. We provide weekly cookery sessions, various women only sessions, craft sessions and language classes as well as a range of other activities. The kitchen is often the centre of our activities!

We opened on 30 September 2008. In the first three weeks we had between 25-44 visitors. Now that has increased to 100-110 visitors per day. These have included people from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Mali and Congo, among many other countries. Some have just arrived in Cardiff, whilst others have been here for a few years.

We have established links with the Community Police, Cardiff Council and other drop in centres. Sessions have been run by a variety of different organisations and continue to run throughout the year.

Those that come are welcome to give their ideas on how to improve our services.

from Refugees…

The first time I came to Oasis Cardiff was at the beginning of 2010. From that time I felt they were very supportive toward me. Oasis helped me to assimilate into the British culture and to improve in my English language skills. Oasis have a very friendly, approachable and reliable team who come from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. They support and embrace asylum seekers and refugees, especially those who are desperate. Oasis can’t do the impossible but they can give you hope.

– Zaid, Iraq



I was born in Sudan but my family are from Eritrea. I moved to England in 2003, then I moved from England to Wales in 2007. It was the best thing that happened to me! I fell in love with Cardiff much more when I started coming to Oasis drop-in centre. I have been coming ever since. I love doing things like building cars and bikes…etc. It is great as I get to do the things I love to do most at Oasis. I have also had the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, build my confidence and learn more about life. There is always a friendly atmosphere at the centre!

– Fissha, Sudan

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