At Oasis Cardiff cycling is one of the main ways a lot of our clients get around Cardiff, it’s cheap, efficient and environmentally friendly. We have a volunteer who kindly comes along to Oasis every Thursday to make sure our clients bikes are in the best condition they possibly can be.














Oasis Cardiff co-host an exciting new project called “Cardiff Supper Club”.  Every last Thursday of the month a Refugee or Asylum Seeker from our centre shares a dish from their country and teach us the traditions that shape their culture. It is usually a favourite dish or a dish that is special to them.

Each guest has the chance to learn about different cuisines and ingredients from around the world. It is also an opportunity to watch and learn how the dish is prepared before diving in and opening your taste buds to a whole new world.

Every week we enjoy a dish from a different part of the world so far we have enjoyed dishes from Djibouti, Uganda, India, Sudan and Pakistan.

Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free options are usually available or can be requested.

Tickets are £7 for each guest.

Please email for more info or to book your place.


The Sport projects are the Most Successful activities Oasis has ever run

We provide a range of sport activities every day as well as yearly events and tournaments for our clients and local community to get involved with.  

Oasis Cardiff have a strong connection and a lot of support from Sport Cardiff which helps our Sport activities thrive. 

Over 200 clients from Oasis have played in Sport competition due to our regular sport activities, which has improved our local and wider community integration.

Music Group

Come along to the café at Oasis for group music,song and dance!


A chance to leave worries aside for a short while, have fun and make new friends as well participating in informal English communication between songs.

Women’s Group 11.30 – 12.30

Mixed Group 1 – 2.30.

More Info….

The Oasis Music Project runs on Mondays with the women’s group from 11.30 – 12.30 and the mixed “all welcome” group 1 – 2.30.


All are welcome! We aim to have fun, get to know each other, share songs and create music all within a non judgmental atmosphere.

Throughout the project we have written many group songs and have built up a songbook with well over 100 songs made up of original songs composed by the group, songs from group members countries as well as favourite songs in the English language (this, as well as he chatting in between the singing, has the added benefit of helping with people’s language development skills)

People have found the sessions to be relaxing and fun and have helped people feel that they are a true and valuable part of the local community.


Being a part of a community music or singing group has recently been scientifically proven to have very positive health benefits…..

Reducing stress, increasing endorphins, encouraging a sense of belonging, taking part in a meaningful activity which can give us all a sense of purpose within our lives.

Proven physical benefits …….

Increased lung health, a gentle whole body workout meaning that people are working their hearts, lungs and muscles to their own level all enhancing overall physical health, wellbeing and happiness.



The project is regularly facilitated by Tracy Pallant and Laura Bradshaw of Valley and vale Community Arts, and we have wonderful guest tutors leading the sessions from time to time also.


There is a currently an exhibition of photographs in the café, highlighting some of the sessions and events we have held throughout our time at Oasis


Events and Outcomes….

The Oasis music groups members have taken part in a wide variety of events over the past 2 years around South Wales and even London.

The ethos and philosophy, for our project, is to work with and encourage everybody – no matter what their experience, ability, background, gender, age, beliefs….. etc.

We have aimed to establish an environment of respect and non judgment where everyone feels safe and confident to express themselves.


Along the way we have met some incredible musicians, many of whom have become established members of the music group and have shared their music, and supported and encouraged others in their music making and self expression too. These more professional musicians, as well as being a part of the music group,  are on a slightly different journey to our “community” project. We do try to connect them with appropriate links where we can, with the hope that they may be able to establish their own performing careers eventually within the UK. Many have also performed at events we have created. This is very lovely for us, and a fabulous treat for audience members, but it also creates a valid platform for them to showcase their abilities and also to build a valid UK portfolio of performances they have successfully given at various venues.


We have several events coming up including –

the professional musicians will be performing at the “Moon” club in Womanby Street on Thursday 28th September for a benefit gig.

An event for the community music group at the Temple of Peace on Saturday 25th November for a “human library” event.

Also 25th September later on we hope to travel to the “Pop Factory” in Porth where we will be taking part in a fund raising event called a “Festival of Voices” for the charity “Valleys Kids”

Craft & Sewing Groups

We run a variety of mixed and women only art groups that have proven to be very popular and therapeutic for not only our clients but the volunteers who run them too. Some of our volunteers also offer one to one sessions with clients who are keen to learn a specific skill. 

Refugee Wales Exhibition

In 2015 we received funding to create a mobile and interactive “Refugee Wales Exhibition” that aims to spread awareness of the Refugee crisis. The exhibition helps adults and children understand what Refugees may have been through before arriving in Wales, as well as their experiences when arriving in their potential new home. This has been exhibited around Cardiff and in 2017 was taken to “Greenman Festival” to spread the word even further.