Oasis Cardiff has gathered some touching stories from our clients over the years. These stories have been collected by both our Staff and Volunteers through projects, workshops and even just by engaging, socialising and integrating with Refugees and Asylum Seekers that visit our centre.



The first time I came to Oasis Cardiff was at the beginning of 2010. From that time I felt they were very supportive toward me.

Oasis helped me to assimilate into the British culture and to improve in my English language skills. Oasis have a very friendly, approachable and reliable team who come from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

They support and embrace asylum seekers and refugees, especially those who are desperate. Oasis can’t do the impossible but they can give you hope.

Zaid, Iraq

I was born in Sudan but my family are from Eritrea.

I moved to England in 2003, then I moved from England to Wales in 2007. It was the best thing that happened to me!

I fell in love with Cardiff much more when I started coming to Oasis drop-in centre. I have been coming ever since.

I love doing things like building cars and bikes…etc. It is great as I get to do the things I love to do most at Oasis.

I have also had the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, build my confidence and learn more about life. There is always a friendly atmosphere at the centre!

Fissha, Sudan


“Judge Not”

A Story By Simplice



“The Storm”

A Story For Those Separated From Their Family



“The Open Door”

A Story By Hamid



“A Memorable Place”

Stories from a Sherman Theatre Project



As part of a collaborative project with The Sherman Theatre and Cath Little, clients of Oasis Cardiff worked on ‘ A memorable place’. This project worked with clients on describing their favourite place, a place where they would like to go…. a safe place. The clients then performed their stories to an open audience at The Sherman Theatre.


Jebel Murra, Darfur


I can see the waterfall. I can hear the water splashing, cool and refreshing.

I can see the tall trees. I can taste the oranges, lemons and mangoes, fresh and delicious.

I can see the flowers. I can smell the flowers.

I can see the birds. I can hear the birds singing.

Everything is green. Everything is lush.

This is my village. This is Jebel Murra.


Cardiff City Centre


There is an old stone castle in the city centre,

There is the Welsh Dragon flying on the flag,

People are talking and walking and singing,

People are smiling for photographs,

Cars are moving and making a noise,

There is a river in the city centre,

The River Taff,

There is a train station in the city centre,

You can take a train wherever you want to go,

There is a library in the city centre,

You can read whatever you like,

I like this city,

I like this city of Cardiff.


Porto Fino


I remember a winter’s day at Porto Fino,

I stood in the ancient harbour with my back to the green mountains and my face to the sea,

I watched the small boats sailing on the water,

I smelt the fish frying in the restaurants on the rocky shore,

Above my head the seagulls called,

I remember a winter’s day at Porto Fino,

It is a beautiful memory.




The first time I saw the white cliffs of Dover, I dreamed of a house of my own,

I dreamed of a white house by the sea,

A minimalist house,

I would watch the sunrise in the morning from my white house by the sea,

I would sit on the white sand and watch the peaceful sea,

And sometimes I would lie on the white sand and sometimes I would walk,

And sometimes I would swim in the peaceful sea and sometimes I would fish,

I would watch the sun set in the evening from my white house by the sea,

And sometimes I would stay out all night and light a bonfire on the beach,

Then I would watch the moon and stars shine down on my white house by the sea,

This is my dream.


“That Moment When”
Mohammed’s Story by BBC Cymru Wales