Oasis Cardiff Does Cardiff Half Marathon


Our lovely Centre Director has decided to run the half marathon this year to raise money for integration and family support workers at Oasis Cardiff. The money raised will encourage continuing integration in to our community for our clients, as well as valuable support for arriving families especially those that have been the victims of trafficking in their home country.

Please give what you can to help our Centre Director run, walk or march through those miles knowing that we have the support of our Oasis Cardiff friends!

Cardiff Supper Club

Oasis Cardiff now co-host an exciting new project called “Cardiff Supper Club”. ¬†Every last Thursday of the month a Refugee or Asylum Seeker from our centre shares a dish from their country and teach us the traditions that shape their culture. It is usually a favourite dish or a dish that is special to them.

Each guest has the chance to learn about different cuisines and ingredients from around the world. It is also an opportunity to watch and learn how the dish is prepared before diving in and opening your taste buds to a whole new world.

Every week we enjoy a dish from a different part of the world so far we have enjoyed dishes from Djibouti, Uganda, India, Sudan and Pakistan.

Vegetarian and Vegan options are usually available or can be requested.

Tickets are £7 for each guest.

Please email cardiffsupperclub@gmail.com for more info or to book your place.

WCVA Programme For Refugees

Are you Aged 25+?

If so, then Oasis Cardiff can help you with…

IT Skills
Money Advice
Looking For Work
Level 2 Health & Safety
Level 2 Food & Hygiene

BME/Refugee client focused activity. Working to reduce barriers our clients face accessing employment.

Please email admin@oasiscardiff.org or lucy@oasiscardiff.org for more info or visit our centre on Tuesday 10am – 3pm for drop in sessions

“The People’s Project” VOTE OASIS CARDIFF

We need your help!

Please vote for Oasis Cardiff to win “The People’s Project”

If we win we will be using the money we receive to renovate our kitchen, where volunteers are able to gain valuable culinary skills and our clients can receive a warm, free, nutritious and free meal.

We simply just need you to visit the link below and fill in the form to vote for us


Or email tess@oasiscardiff.org for a free postal vote card

The Storm

The storm, a short digital story from one of Oasis’s digital story workshops. There will be more to follow!

Many people are forced to flee their country alone or with just part of their family. Loved ones are left behind in the hope that one day they will be reunited. The Storm represents the stories of many, many families pulled apart by conflict.

30 August – International Day of the Disappeared

There was a family living in the village. There were ten members of that family. The father, and the mother and eight children. The father and the mother of that family cared for their children very much. For example, their father encouraged them all the time to work hard and to study. Their mother also made sure that they had good clothes and plenty of delicious food to eat. So, the lives of the family were good. The father of that family was a hard worker in his business in order to carry out his responsibilities for his family. The mother was a housewife and she loved her husband and her children and that made a happy home for them. However, one day a storm started to push that family and the started to face a difficult situation. The result of the storm was that the family were split up to the four corners of the world. Now, only four members of the family are living together. I hope that one day the lovely family can live together again, the same life, as it was before.