Meet Ghaida

Meet Ghaida

“I’m Ghaida, 22-year-old, I’m a Saudi asylum seeker in Cardiff.

As a young woman, I found it difficult in the Beginning because I’m alone here, Migrant Help recommended a few organisations to get help, one of them was the Oasis center. Because a lot of asylum seekers and refugees come to the center, I had the opportunity to make friends.

The staff helped me to register for IELTS classes in the center, which is important for me to study Nursing at Cardiff University.

Besides, there are different interesting sessions and activities for women, such as crafts groups, women’s health, and beauty. The staff invited me for many events, like Sherman Theatre, the 2 Refugee Women’s conference, winter wonderland, and a photography workshop run by Cardiff Women’s Aid it was lovely to experience and attend these events.

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, they didn’t stop helping me or others, the female staff created a women’s WhatsApp group, supporting us and sharing useful activities and online workshops, this group was supportive and helpful during this hard situation.

Also, my IELTS teacher supports me by sending important resources that help me to self-study and improve my English. I believe what Oasis does for me or other asylum seekers is great and supportive.”